Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Body Building DON’Ts!

Most body building tips tell you to DO THIS and DO THAT! You should have this and have that! You should eat this and eat that! But have you ever wondered that while you do all these things, there are some that you should avoid doing. These don’ts will not make your body building goal complicated, in fact, it will it make easier to achieve that goal.

The first thing you should not do is being stuck in one rut. Most often, we think mastering a certain exercise will lead you there. Doing the same things all over again will no longer be challenging for you. You should remember to stick to the program and not to a certain exercise.  You should experience progress as you go along exercises.

Good food is still better that food supplements. So this comes as the second Don’t; don’t substitute real food for supplements. Your diet revolves eating nutritious food. These supplements are only made to cover the slack in between meals.

The third Don’t is to never ignore signs of over training and feelings of injuries. Remember that you are building your body, not abusing it. Once you experience joint pains, it is advisable to rest and consult a doctor, if worse.

Fourth Don’t says Do not let magazines get to you. If some other body builder states he can do dozens for his biceps, it isn’t a reason for you to do this as well. Listen to your body. You know what you can and can’t.

Lastly, Don’t talk to other and socialize while you are still in the middle of your workout. You only have 45 minutes to an hour before your hormone levels go down. This time should be utilized to work out for results and not create friendships. You can do the talking before and after the exercise. 

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