Saturday, March 10, 2012

GVT system for bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is not an easy goal. One needs to be really patient, determined and persistent in order to achieve the desired body figure. Of course, proper diet as well protein shakes help the procedure to become more achievable. There are series of training for bodybuilders which depend on what muscle and body part to be enhanced.

One of which is GVT (German Volume Training) which is a system commonly used by powerlifters as well lifters who participate in Olympics. The training is designed to put packs on muscles and break plateaus. GVT is the most followed training by powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders because its system is very comprehensive.

For instance, if the bodybuilder wants to perform barbell squat, then, 10 repetitions for every set with a running time of 90 seconds must be done. Generally, the training log will be 10 repetitions of barbell squats for 10 sets. The amount of pounds must also be consistent. If the builder decided to lift 180 pounds then he must lift the same pounds until the 10th set.

However, if one is still a beginner he must start lifting a lighter barbell in order for the body to be not stressed and adjust with the weight of barbell on the following days.

On day one of GVT, it is recommended to start performing exercise for back and chest. On day two, exercise routine for abdomen, thighs and legs. Rest on the third day and continue on the fourth for shoulders and arms. Then on the fifth day, rest again.

After one week of doing the routine, do repetitions on day one and so on. Increase the weight of pounds as the program progresses.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 5 tips on developing abs

Men or women, most people will be drawn to their abdominals. When we’re at the beach, the person with a sexy midsection will most likely earn admiration. So, most of us try to hit the gym weeks or months before summer so our swim wear will look best on us. If you’re eager to make it happen, here are some tips to develop a sexy abdominal.

First, you must follow a low protein and high-carb diet. A good diet is essential in building a lean physique.  Four to six small meals per day will help speed up your metabolism at a rapid rate. Along with this, your carbohydrates should also be consumed first thing in the morning to give you enough energy throughout the day.

Next, frequent meals coupled with consistent weight training and cardio regimen will help carve your abs. Weight training and cardio will help burn calories in your body. This will give you optimal fat burning rate necessary to stay lean.

Third, do not forget to drink 6-8 glasses per day. The more you follow this standard, the higher the metabolism will be.

Fourth, you must modify your abs routine. There is no standard routine for everyone. One must find an abs routine which will work for them. The most common abs moves like crunches, broom twists, sprinting, and other old-fashioned exercises need to change. This is because development only comes when the body is exposed to more challenging ones everyday rather than stagnation.

Fifth, you must understand some myths on developing visible abs. You may find some tips on the internet but must first verify it with an expert before getting fooled by one. There are more tips you should know on abdominal exercises. These we shall discuss on the next articles.